Eduardo Nunez In the Bronx!


Bronx, NYC– In 2005 you could catch Eduardo Nunez playing third base for the Staten Island Yankees at the Richmond County Bank Ballpark at St. George with fellow current New York Yankee Brett Gardner. The Staten Island Yankees won the New York Penn-League Championship that season and it was part one of going back to back as they repeated their championship glory in the 2006 season. Nunez now joins Robinson Cano, the aforementioned Brett Gardner and Francisco Cervelli who have all spent time in Staten Island. I’m glad to see Eduardo in the Bronx and I sure hope John Sterling eventually learns how to correctly pronounce his name. Eduardo Nunez had his first Major League hit, RBI, and run scored yesterday and he followed it up today with his first major league double. Yesterday he played 3B for the injured Alex Rodriguez and today he played SS for Derek Jeter who was given most of today off due to the high scoring of the Yankees offense.



2 responses to “Eduardo Nunez In the Bronx!

  1. “I sure hope John Sterling eventually learns how to correctly pronounce his name.” Haha, fortunately I stay away from Yankee games on 880 as much as possible and haven’t heard Sterling pronounce Eduardo’s name. But let me guess. Does he pronounce it like New-nez (with the second “n” pronounced incorrectly?).

    Anyway, I too am glad that Nunez is getting a chance with the Yankees. I’ve never been a huge fan of his, but I support him, and it’s not like I dislike him or anything. I’m certainly cheering for him, and it’s nice to hear he is a former SIY.

    • YanksYakkinBlog

      Yes Chris that is exactly how he pronounces his name! Haha, it’s very nice to see home grown Yankees like Nunez making it big at the major league level and I hope it continues into the future of the Yankee dynasty.

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